Lance Corporal William Parker 1940 2nd Bn Royal Fusiliers Friday 24th May 1940

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  1. Drew5233

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    Do you have a photo of his grave? I have visited the cemetery several times over the years.
  2. Brian803

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    Hi Drew, yes I do have a couple of pictures of his grave. I'd be interested to see any photos you have. Thanks.
  3. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    That's all I have photo wise and the battalion diary of course.
  4. KevinBattle

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    Very late in the day to add anything to the original enquiry, but worth sometimes checking for deaths in that Unit around the time of the reported death.
    From the War Diary entries the impression is that the "first contact with the enemy" didn't happen until 27th May.
    However, they did sustain casualties before 27th, although whether from direct enemy action isn't always clear.
    JONES, ROBERT. Fusilier. Service Number 6459402. Died 23/05/1940. Aged 20.
    2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment).
    Son of Mrs. A. Jones of Deptford, London.
    Buried at ADEGEM CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY. Cemetery/memorial reference: V. AA. 11.

    Then there are often Concentration Reports and as was mentioned in an earlier post, there are 3 "Unknowns" buried at Adegem with Fusilier Jones, recovered from what looks to be Otegen Churchyard. (EDIT: It's Otegem)

    If Jones died on 23rd and was buried at Otegen, perhaps there was a Casualty Station there dealing with wounded, so they would not be recorded in the main 2nd Bn records. The Date of Death of 24th may therefore have come from the RAMC unit or whoever buried those 3 Unknowns.

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