Lancaster or Manchester W4771 106 Sqn

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    Hello Greg

    Thanks so much for the response. I would love to see the clip of the flight over Thomas’s house, plus any other useful info you might have.
    My email is

    I greatly look forward to your response.

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    Hello Clive

    Thanks so mich for alerting me to Gregs response.

    Greatly appreciated.


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    0E2CF821-64F2-4B85-972F-3958E0BE650F.jpeg D9136EB2-88E5-4060-94C9-85DA8DF6180A.jpeg Hi Jon,

    I’ll try to send you the video soon as it’s not where we thought it was!.. but in the meantime here are a couple of pics...

    PO Thomas B Crowfoot at the controls of a Lancaster with his DFC above plus the squadron. I apologies for the quality... will try to get some better pics shortly.

    Kind regards,
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    Greg. It would be really nice to see something further relating to the crew. Many of us spend a lot of time looking through sometimes rather dry official records and the extra detail is always welcome.
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    Just revisited this interesting account of the loss of W 4771 regarding Sgt D C Ward.

    The condolence letter to Mrs D C Ward, indicates No 106 Squadron Commander at the time of the aircraft's loss.......Guy Gibson who was O.C 106 Squadron from March 1942 to 21 March 1943 when he was selected by Harris to form what would be a specialist squadron......No 617 Squadron,the Dambusters at Scampton.During his year with 106 Squadron ,Gibson completed two tours.The condolence letter bears Gibson's signature

    The Squadron Adjutant would have the role of managing the squadron's administration and would prepare the personal letters to the NOK for the O.C to sign. As an administrative type, he would be responsible for returning the Squadron ORB.His office would be assisted by a senior NCO and squadron clerks who would type out correspondence for the Adjutant or O.C to sign.There would be cases when the O.C used hand written correspondence and in some cases,it has been claimed that the adjutant might sign a typed letter in the name of the O.C,depending on the pressure of the O.C's work. Early post war and when squadron aircraft numbers had been reduced to the equivalent of one wartime flight,the Adjutant ran his function with the sole assistance of a clerk.

    As copies,Jon Ward's personal collection of the photograph of Sgt Ward and relevant letters would grace the collection of No 617 Squadron and Bomber Command in general, memorabilia displayed at the Dambusters Inn,Scampton. Similar copies of personal photographs and documention are displayed.

    The group photograph would be taken at Coningsby before the No 106 Squadron was relocated to Syerston on 30 September 1942. The aircraft in the background are Manchesters which the squadron had on charge between February and May 1942. Guy Gibson is at the front centre and behind him,centre right is a real character with the moustache,namely one of his Flight Commanders, ex Hemswell..... No 61 Squadron.... Hampdens....John "Dim" Wooldridge.

    In forming No 617 Squadron,Gibson took a number of senior aircrew on recommendation or by personal choice.However quite a number of aircrew were just posted to the new squadron and P/O Crowfoot's crew might well have been one of the crews posted in had they not been lost.

    Looking at the background of the No 617 Squadron aircrew, many came from No 97, No 57 and No 50 Squadrons as well as No 106 Squadron....all within No 5 Group of course.
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    I researching the fate of Lancaster W4771 as my wife’s grandfather was P/O T B Crowfoot. I read with interest your post and noted the detail regarding how those killed in the incident were found. I looked up the loss card which said P/O Crowfoot “Body found close to a/c (German report[?]). The last part is unclear but I assume it reads “German report”. It also says in the Narrative section that “Crowfoot killed 15/10/18 ???? by Sgt. Christy” I have a couple of questions;
    1. I noted you said P/O Crowfoot’s body was found face-down. Can I ask where this particular detail came from?
    2. Also in this thread it was said that POWs May have completed reports on release that could include additional information. I would be grateful for any information on where I might find the reports completed by the survivors.
    3. If the loss card refers to a “German report” did these records survive and are the available?
    Thankyou for the detail you provided- I want to be sure of details before sharing with my wife’s family. Many thanks, Greg

    Ps. I’ve included a letter from Guy Gibson to T B Crowfoot’s wife and the last page of his logbook. I hope they are of interest.


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    It certainly is! You have really detailed information on the crash site. Can I ask where you got the information as P/O Crowfoot was my wife’s grandfather. I’d like to be able to share the source with the family.
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    Er, it's all there in the post you quoted!
    It's from way back in 2013 so I can't recall everything but the detail had to come from somewhere and not imagined.
    That's from the great guy who put it all out on the web, after all, what use is information if it's not shared?
    I'd suggest you may wish to cut and paste if you're thinking of sharing it as some details might be distasteful for family to read.
    War Office: Directorate of Military Intelligence: Liberated Prisoner of War Interrogation Questionnaires | The National Archives

    From the CWGC Concentration Report they were initially buried in Munchen Gladbach Town Cemetery, which might indicate they crashed somewhere in that vicinity.
    Ooops - and correct the Cowslip.... !

    Presumably you know Thomas was born 26 August 1912 and in 1939 Register is shown as living in London Road, Wayland Rural District with father George (clothing salesman), Ellen and one closed record (sibling to Thomas?) Strangely nearby is Crows Hall Farm.

    Sorry, that's about all I can add. If it's any comfort, the crew have individual graves, meaning they could be identified...........
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    Hi, really interested in the information that has been shared here. I am P/O Crowfoots grandson and with my brother in law Greg (who posted earlier in this thread) I have been researching my Grandads last flight. I am interested to know if it is possible to get the German crash site reports? I think there maybe some interesting information here that may help things. Also I will try and get hold of the clip of Lancaster flying over my Grandads house.

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Best Wishes

    David Crowfoot
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