Lancaster FM104's fate to be decided soon

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    First: I don't think the plane is in any danger.

    The issue is this: the plane was on display at a museum here in Toronto but the museum shut down in 2011. (That predates my reawakened interest in WW2, so I never saw it.)

    Now the plane is disassembled in some way and in storage and is, I gather, city property, but the city has no budget for restoration and no firm idea on displaying it.

    A museum in British Columbia is interested but a local grass roots group wants to propose some way to keep it here.

    My personal take: there is a flyable Lancaster in nearby Hamilton. And apparently no Lancasters in BC. I think it's probably better overall to let BC have one.

    Fate of Toronto’s Lancaster bomber to be determined Friday | The Star
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    RCAF Lancaster FM 104 exibited in Toronto. 001 (2).jpg Here is FM 104 as she was displayed in Toronto almost 40 years ago......photograph of nose end slightly cropped. (photograph via Neville Franklin from his Lancaster Photo Album 1981)
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    Interestingly, the decision has been deferred until the summer so the group petitioning to keep and restore the airplane here have more time to figure out funding.

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