Lancaster crash Baltic Sea Sept. 1944

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    This is a re-start of an earlier thread about a Lancaster crash near Ulm.

    The man I talked to earlier this year, still lives not far from Ulm today, but now had to correct his earlier report to me.
    In September their FLAK unit was moved to somewhere close to the Baltic Sea.

    But the story is still the same.
    That Lancaster was shot down, or crashed for another reason. The pilot was badly wounded and asked the then 17 year old boy with good English language skills: Are wenow all going to be shot? "No Sir, you will be taken to a hospital and the crew will be taken away as POWs", was the answer.
    The pilot' s leg was operated by a new Prof. Sauerbruch method which saved his leg. He later said to the boy. I concider myself lucky, because in England they would have taken my leg away. The boy visited him inhospital a couple of times and aparently had a good time together.
    I wanted to find out more today, butunfortunately my eye witness had a couple of operations and cannot talk much right now. So, we agreed to talk again in a month or 2.

    Can anyone find out who this pilot was and how is his leg in these days?

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