Lancaster Crash 1944/45 Baltic Sea

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    This the re-start of an earlier Thread.
    However, now with additional data:

    1. Date: 11 April 1944
    2. Crash Site: Rerik near Rostock (Heinkel factory)
    3. B17G
    Pilot and other crew members bailed out

    Pilot: Robert C. Wesmyer
    His leg was badly injured and operated by implementing a metal rod into his bone.
    Is this pilot stlil alive, or may be the family remembers the story. The young FLAK soldier, Hermann Kienzle now 95, visited him several times in hospital and would love to know what happened to him and the other crew members.
    Hermann, after the war became a pilot with his own aircraft and even flew to the US staying with an ex US pilot.

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    If it's a RESTART, then why not correct the caption to B17G crash?
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    Quite frankly, for traceability reasons.
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    Thanks TD. I'll try that too.


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