Lake Superior Regiment War Diary Appendices

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    I am a new member and need help finding out where I can get copies of the appendices to the war diaries of the Lake Sups. I purchased the regimental war diaries through the museum in Thunder Bay but they didn't contain the appendices which have valuable references to the locations and routes of the regiment during the war. My father, A/Sgt Michael Krewiak served in the B Company scout platoon and made it as far as Wouwse Hill where he was wounded on Oct. 26 and taken out of action. I have the regimental book by Stanley and the Can. 4th brigade book but would really like to have the appendices to the diaries.

    Thanks for any help.

    Michael W. Krewiak
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    Thanks very much for the help. I don't know where the museum in TB got the diaries when I asked them. Maybe they got them from the LAC and then forwarded them to me. They weren't cheap! But, I got them as a gift for my father so the expense was worth it.
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    As the first file in that list indicates, LAC is digitized all the WW2 war diaries, although that work has probably been suspended in the current crisis. Unfortunately what's digitized so far seems to start with December.
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    I don't have the appendices for October, but I have an outline of what they are. DSCF5384.jpg
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    The museum in Thunder Bay likely holds the Triplicate copies of the WD. You can see from Dryan67's post of an appendices list, most of them were only attached to the Original copy which are held by LAC. That's most likely why you didn't receive them.

    A point of clarification for all... LAC isn't digitizing the WDs per se, it's the volunteers of Project 44 that are doing the work with the support of LAC. Once scanned, LAC makes the product available to all via their website. Because of their focus on June 44 to August 44 in NWE initially and now expanding to May 1945 and at some point to Italy, not all the WD will be scanned by them.


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    Prompted by this thread Good news for Canadian researchers
    I posed the question to Project 44. They wouldn't explicitly say, but I think it's their researchers scanning interesting bits, not a systematic effort to scan complete diaries/appendices, etc.
  9. Chris C

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    I had assumed that LAC was digitizing them in their entirety. If they are not, that would be... poor.

    Fundamentally, if LAC are putting the PDFs on their website but they aren't complete, then they would be a misrepresentation of what is in the file. I honestly find it difficult to believe they would do that.
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