LAC George James Woodward 633425, No.420 Squadron?

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    Trying to find out any details I can about my grandfather, who spent the entirety of his service in Egypt.

    My grandmother is still alive and remembers his service number off by heart, but isn't entirely sure of his squadron/unit. She believes it may have been No. 420.

    We know that he was in Egypt for five years, having embarked from the UK in a ship and landed in Durban in South Africa before being flown to Egypt. My grandmother and I are in the process of requesting his service history from the RAF but was hoping someone would be able to shed some light or perhaps point me in the right direction for any more info in the meantime.
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    His service records really are the best place to start, and as his wife - your grandmother - is still with us, if you apply on her behalf then his service records are free as she is his next of kin.

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  4. Owen

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    Wouldn't have thought he would have been in 420 Sqn.
    They were only in N Africa for a short time in 1943 & that was Tunisia.
    Although they were RCAF , RAF personnel did serve with them.
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    Thank you all. Will head back here once his service files have come through as I'm sure I'll need help deciphering them!
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    Me again- I've just done some rooting through old photos and found his Duty and Identification Card. It's confirmed the service number we already knew and also said Field Unit Serial No. A594 - can anyone help me- what does that mean? Does that tell me any more about his unit?

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