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    I am transcribing a WWII LAA battery veterans war diary and there are some abbreviations that have foxed me. these include;

    X Transit camp. Was there such a camp?
    2 AA Deft. Rgt.
    and 2 C.R.U.
    R.A.T.D. May be Royal Artillery Training Depot.

    any ideas anyone.

    18 November 1943 – Evacuated from 65 General Hospital to Hospital Ship 55 St. Julien. Sailed from Naples harbour 17:00 hrs.
    20 November 1943 – Arrived Budjie, Algeria. Disembarked 14:30 hrs and went to 69 General Hospital outside Budjie.

    26 November 1943 – Left 69 General Hospital and travelled by train to 2<SUP>nd</SUP> AA Deft. Rgt. at Cap Matifow near Algeirs where I arrived on 27 November.

    7 December 1943 – Left 2<SUP>nd</SUP> AA Deft. Rgt and travelled by train and travelled by train to Bizerta (Texas Transit Camp) where I arrived on 10 December (72 hours on train).

    16 December 1943 – Left transit camp and boarded LCT 259 at 10:30 hrs. Sailed from Bizerta on 17 December at 14:00 hrs

    20 December 1943 – Arrived in Taranto. Disembarked at 12:00 hrs and went to X Transit camp outside town.

    23 December 1943 – Left X Transit Casmp and travelled by train to 2 C.R.U. near Motollo, approximately half-way between Bari and Taranto.

    3 January 1944 – Left 2 C.R.U. and went by train via Taranto to Naples; arrived at 159 Transit Camp on 4 January 1944.

    17 January 1944 – Left 159 transit Camp and travelled by road to ‘drome near Foggin and stayed at 39 Battery HQ.

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