L of C Battle School and field hospital codes

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    Hi all. My dad, Pte 6407337 Donald Alexander Nisbett was in the 4 Bn KSLI, S Coy, Carrier Platoon that landed on Sword Beach on D-Day + 8. During the coming winter period he became ill we think with Rheumatic fever and spent some time in hospital (28 Jan 1945 - 07 Apr 1945).
    He was downgraded to B1 med cat and transferred to No 1 L of C Battle School which must have been a less arduous occupation for a soldier who was a trained mechanic.
    I have attached the record that shows this period along with rest of his service.
    Can anyone help me with interpreting the code wrt admission and discharge detail? Does it disclose the name and location of hospital?
    Also, can someone indicate where I can find details of No 1 L of C battle school. I believe L of C is Line of Communication.

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