L/Cpl R Gale 90 Armoured Brigade Company/RASC 08/06/1944

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    Whilst going through the listing of casualties from Chippenham, I came across this casualty attached to the 90 Armoured Brigade Company. Can anyone supply any info regarding the 90 Armoured Brigade Company, as I have been unable to find very little on the web.

    Initials: R P
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Regiment/Service: Royal Army Service Corps
    Unit Text: 90 Armd. Bde. Coy.
    Age: 26
    Date of Death: 08/06/1944
    Service No: T/168267
    Additional information: Son of Percy and Elsie Gale, of Chippenham, Wiltshire; husband of Doris Olive Gale, of Chippenham.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: 1. D. 22.

  2. Tom Canning

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    Nick -
    This is probably a typo as the Armoured Bdes didn't stretch as far as #90 - in that they are so close to the beaches and the D day itself so I would suspect that he was attached to one of the few who were involved in that action such as 31st and 34th or possibly VII bde who were all involved in the landings or perhaps a unit from 79th "Funnies" Division of Hobo's.

    The number #90 is therefore suspect as the RASC were employed to bring supplies up to the bde HQ for distribution to regimental echelons to take to the front line troops - probably too near the beaches when he was hit...
  3. Owen

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    I did find a war diary on TNA website for 90 Coy RASC but probably not the right unit.
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    90 Armoured Brigade Company is in the order of battle in Battlezone Normandy: Sword Beach alongside 106 Brigade Company so it doesn't look like a typo. These are both listed under 'formations attached to 3rd Infantry Division for the assault' (not Beach Group troops). The list includes 79 Armd Div elements, but 90 Armd Bde Coy wasn't one of theirs.
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    Thank you all for the replies, you have given me several pointers for further research.

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    Revisiting the loss of L/Cpl Gale and have discovered that there are another seven casualties from this unit buried at Hermanville who died on the same day, all with the exception of L/Cpl Gale appear to buried in a collective grave.

    GALE REGINALD PERCY R P 26 08/06/1944
    KEARNEY HENRY WILLIAM H W 23 08/06/1944
    TRUBSHAW GEORGE MARK G M 27 08/06/1944
    WOOD WILLIAM WALTER W W 23 08/06/1944

    Would anyone have a copy of the unit's WD covering this period?
  7. Owen

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    I took a photo of their grave back in October 2010

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    Thanks, Owen.
  9. DannyM

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    WD pages for the 8th June.



    DSCF0363 ed.jpg

    DSCF0364  ed.jpg
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    Danny, many thanks.
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    Hello. I am Reginald's great great niece. My Nan (who obviously is his niece) is still alive and knew Reg. My family and I have recently been to Normandy and I've been inspired to do a little research about Reg. I really should have done this before we went, but it's an excuse to go back! We visited the Pegasus Bridge whilst we were there, which was a fantastic museum.

    Anwyay, I have the letter sent by J.R.Cuthbertson Maj. RASC to Mrs Gale (Reg's wife) which says the following -

    'I have the very sad duty of writing to tell you of the death in action of your husband on the 9th June.

    Owing to circumstances out here this is the first opportunity I have had of writing to you and I am afraid you will already have had the terrible shock of receiving an official notification from the War office.

    All I can attempt to do is to tell you a little more of the circumstances as far as I can.

    He landed with the first section of our Company on the morning of D Day and for two days with the other lads he worked night and day and did a simply magnificent job of work. These were the critical days and he played his part nobly in making it a success.

    On the night of the 7th/8th June there was a German Air Road over the location and a bomb fell amongst where the men were - your husband was killed outright.

    The burial took place the following morning 8th June, in the military cemetery.

    Your husband was one of those who had been with the Company the longest and all of us feel this loss very keenly indeed.

    I myself shall miss his cheery face, and cannot yet realise that he has gone.

    Capt. Gray with whom he was working at the time wishes to join with me in expressing on behalf of b Platoon and whole Company our deepest sympathy with you in your tragic loss.

    I feel there may be some way in which we can help - the lads are very anxious to do something. Do please let me know.

    i remain, Yours sincerely and in the deepest sympathy J.R. Cuthbertson Maj. RASC'

    I also have a local press cutting, but this doesn't give much more information.I would like to try and find out some more information. Any information you have would be greatly received.
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    Welcome to the forum Melanie and thank you for the additional information.
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    Hello, my first post on this forum.
    thank you everyone for the information provided in this thread, especially DannyM for the WD pages.
    My great uncle was Leslie Ernest Walter Fifield, Driver, who is buried in Hermanville Cemetery, in a collective grave with 7 of his comrades. My great Nan always used to cry whenever she spoke about her son, Leslie and I never learnt the circumstances of his death. It is only today, reading the WD, that I finally know what happened to him. We had heard that Les was a Motor bike outrider and would ride alongside the supplies vehicles. Maybe someone could confirm if motorcycles were used in this way?

    The photograph I have attached is of Uncle Leslie on his wedding day to Violet in early 1944....
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    Delighted to find this thread as I'm researching my home town of Bewdley's WW2 memorial which lists John Edward HAYDEN - great stuff.
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  15. Simon_Fielding

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    Would anyone object to my use / citation of the information here for strictly non profit purposes?

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