Kriegsmarine eagle cockade pin

Discussion in 'WW2 Militaria' started by No.4CommandoBairn, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. No.4CommandoBairn

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    If I can find one of these, at a price I'd want to pay, I'd be delighted.

    Dad said he got his in Flushing, during or after the Liberation. I asked him, (when I was about 10) if he got it from the Dutch people for what they did - all he said is that he got it when he was there. I learned, before my visit to Flushing in 2014, what it was and where he likely got it from.

    As I collect various items that dad (and mam, ATS) would have had, I have this in my sights.

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  3. No.4CommandoBairn

    No.4CommandoBairn Well-Known Member

    Thank you - I was talking to someone who had one of these. I've seen originals but they're asking 'daft' money for them ... it's an original I'd be after.

    After looking at the link - that's the fella I've been talking to. :)

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