Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery

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    Ah Ha. So I was not going mad.

    Rather disrespectful of CWGC to do that.

    Thanks Owen.
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    This was my grandfather. They men died by a stray American bomb as they sheltered in a concrete bunker. Most died of major head wounds (taken from an account:- Stalag 344 and Stalag 344 and Stalag 344). My grandmother received compensation from the US Airforce.
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    I'm a relatively new member and have just dropped on this thread whilst surfing the site......

    My mothers cousin Guardsman 2695279 Patrick Francis Devlin (1917-1974), Scots Guards (1935/46), was a POW at Lamsdorf 1940/1945 having been wounded in action and captured at Mo I Rana, Norway 17/18th May 1940 as part of 1st Scots Guards rearguard action. POW number 34910 I think.

    I have about 8 or 9 photographs of his showing a large POW military funeral which I assume was at Lamsdorf. The coffins are covered in various national flags - British/French/Dutch. There is a German army band and loads of German senior officers on view. Season wise it looks like autumn/winter.

    Having read this article I was wondering if it relates to the same incident? Were other nationalities killed?

    Is anyone aware of any other large deaths of personnel at Lamsdorf?

    I don't have access to the photo's today but I will try and upload them to this thread next Monday.

    Diane - Or should I create a new thread re the photo's?

    Steve Y.
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    Steve, ref the photos, you can certainly upload them here on this thread - maybe ascertain relevance and the mods would take it from there if deserving of a separate thread - and you could also start a thread with what you know about your mother's cousin under Scots gds :)
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    I wil try and upload the photo's I mentioned on Friday. They originated with Guardsman 2695279 Patrick Francis Devlin, Left Flank Company, 1st Scots Guards who was wounded in action and captured at Mo I Rana, Norway 17th May 1940 and was POW at Lamsdorf.

    Hope someone out there can interpret them and perhaps confirm when/where they were taken.

    Appears to be a formal event as there are German stills/film cameramen in some of the shots.

    Hope I have done the IT OK?

    Steve Y.

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    England Phil, could you do me a favour, it says michael grant headstone but the image is incorrect and is a different person from Durham light infantry any chance you still have the photo of Michael Grants headstone.
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    Pte Grant

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    Thanks very much, much appreciated.
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  10. Paul, thanks for your help on this and thanks to Mr Jinks for posting the correct headstone.
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