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    As this thread has re-appeared, I thought I might update the information on the Chindit in the photograpgh:

    The soldier was Peter Beer an officer from the Wilitshire Regiment. To read more, click the link below and scroll down alphabetically:

    Roll Call A-E
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    How about this one. Not exactly knackered but certainly replete. My father wrote on the back of this " Pte. Bennett in recumbent position with Rum and Beer"
    Dated December 1945. The war is finally over, and Pte. Bennett and his colleagues having fought their way through Burma and finally after Operation Zipper have seen the Japanese surrender in Malaya. The 9th Battalion, Royal Sussex can finally relax as they look forwards to returning home. They have been away for years and can only dream of their future life.
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    This received today would seem appropriate:

    Extracted from: WO 169/14735 4 Indian Division General Staff Jan-Dec 1943

    Interestingly, the technique of tensing and relaxing each muscle in turn, from head to toe (para 3), is what I was taught years ago in yoga, only in reverse. The fourth paragraph is quite possible when you're in good shape (I wake before my alarm for anything urgent), but more like wishful thinking when you're cream-crackered.

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    Which one suspects he might be holding by the strap as it's just too bloody cold for his un-gloved hand...
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    He's trying to gather the energy to tell the photographer, who is probably dry, if not clean, where to put his camera.
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    Erich Walther, seen here after the Battle for Heraklion in May 1941. Walther later went on to command a Kampfgruppe during Operation Market Garden around the Neerpelt Bridgehead and later in the Battle of Overloon.

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    used before but worth a revisit

    Brian Lane

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    17 wounded and sick Chindits are airlifted from northern Burma in April 1943:

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