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    VP, you're reply made me take a little wander into the ether of the WWW. I found this on a site I have often looked at in the past, and have now updated my website thusly.

    Ta. :)
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    Something similar to Ron's experience

    From The Armoured Micks, 1941-1945:

    Keyes & Dad, NAAFI, Hamburg
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    Many thanks Diane

    Good to know that I wasn't the only one to fall asleep !

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    What a great thread
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    Yes. I believe it was used to dry the officers' feet out, hence the cushioned rail.
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    A couple from WW1.

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    Only 70 Poles were left standing at that point.
    Quite possibly the most under appreciated action in Normandy. For over 4 days the Poles were the "Cork in the Bottle" and performed amazingly. Read Capt. Pierre Sevigny's account of the action at the Mace.
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    Fritz having a little rest during WW1:
    CzvDfuVXcAEOxy5.jpg large.jpg

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