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    German satirical magazine.

    Appears to be a sort of German Punch (established by a Jewish bloke), but with the inevitable Nazi twist in its later years.
    Not unlike Punch - some cartoons that it's moderately hard to work out what the satire or joke is, others rather straightforward.
    Worth a browse, anyway.

    (Don't seem to be under open use, so I'm afraid links will have to suffice.)

    Digitised run:
    UB Heidelberg: Kladderadatsch (1848-1944) – digital
    (Cartoon hunting maybe most user-friendly in thumbs view: https://digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/kla1940/0001/thumbs but it is very well digitised with assorted options.)

    Kladderadatsch (97.1944)

    Kladderadatsch (86.1933)

    Rather optimistic last cover (Sept. '44), hope for those wunderwaffe...
    Kladderadatsch (97.1944)

    June 1940:

    Kladderadatsch (93.1940)

    Kladderadatsch (93.1940)

    July 1940:
    Kladderadatsch (93.1940)
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