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  1. Almost at the end of the diary now. I will start putting photos on soon.

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  2. Dave Homewood

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    Great to see this stuff, Signalmansdaughter, many thanks!
  3. andy007

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    More great stuff Jenny! Your Father is very good at describing what he is seeing. Do you know if he managed to get the Mauser rifle back to New Zealand?
  4. The only rifle I remember him having was a 22. My brother thinks he only arrived with his kit bag, I dont think the Mauser would fit in that.
  5. Here is the last part of Dad's diary.
    And a photo of him taken during the war.

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  6. minden1759

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    This is terrific although he has some of his dates out of sync. Cassino town, for example, was bombed on 15 Mar 44 rather than his recollection of 17 Mar 44.

    Brilliant stuff.

  7. Hello Minden 1759. I noticed that myself as I was copying it out, but thats how Dad wrote it, so I left it and changed nothing.

    I have really enjoyed learning more about the war through his diary.

  8. Tom Canning

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    he was lucky to remember any dates at that time - we only knew it was Saturday when we heard the football scores

    Jenny - that's the only way to enjoy a war - reading about it …!

  9. Photos

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  10. Still about 100 photos to go.

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  11. andy007

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    Great photos Jenny! Haven't had a chance to read the last diary entries you have put up, but will get onto that soon.
  12. Ron Goldstein

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    Have you looked at Wikipedia's page about the NZ Div ?

    The main points regarding the Div are the 2nd & 3rd Battles.

    During my own stay at Cassino, my unit was the 49th LAA Rgt. R.A and we were part of 78 Div.

    Because of the demand for high security in the area my unit had to close down the radio communications and rely on telephone and it doesn't surprise me that there was talk of 100 miles of cable................. we were forever having to repair the bloody stuff !

  13. sigcollector

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    Thanks for posting
  14. A few more photos.

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  15. andy007

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    Another lot of great photos. Thank you for sharing them Jenny.
  16. minden1759

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    Any photos from his time at Cassino. He seems to have labelled them really well.


  17. 4jonboy

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    Jenny-my sincere apologies for giving negative rep for your post at #54, instead of voting it up. Lovely photos and thanks for posting.

  18. ropey

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    Sorry, dead thread.
  19. ropey

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    Jenny, if you are still visiting WW2Talk I have really enjoyed these posts. Some of them sound familiar enough that I wonder if I have read one of his mate's diaries as well.
    Any idea what happened to his diaries after reaching Sienna? Just one November entry then his arrival home! Were they lost or did he simply stop?

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