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    Hi Henry,

    can you please show us some more info has to what you have posted? I'm looking at page 163 Para.390, Sec. VI. Its from The King's
    Regulations for the Army & The Royal Army Reserve.. Printed in 1940. This copy has one or two amendments ( Nos. 1 to 66) 1945.

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    I recall a very similar question from the past. I quote one reply from the British Genealogy and Family History forum (although it does say (xvi) and not (xvii)):

    From Hansard (1943):
    A soldier who has been found physically unfit by a medical board is discharged from Army service under King's Regulations, 1940, paragraph 390 (xvi) as "ceasing to fulfil Army physical requirements."

    There is reference to (xvii) in the Hansard link.
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    XVII seems to be discharge to be commissioned.

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    I also read about the discharge for commissioning , but couldn't find a doc to reference. Is there a printed date on that edition?
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    This is from the 1940 edition
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  7. Good evening all,

    I’m doing some research into my grandad who left the Royal Artillery on 08 March 1939. The reason for his discharge is listed as Para 383 (ix) (a) KR. Any ideas what that could refer to?

    Thanks in advance!
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