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    My grandfather died last year and left us with more questions than answers. In his medicated delerium after a couple of heart attacks I found a mound of info but no one tha treally knew him or his whereabouts duriing the war. He was in the 9th infantry div, 47th regiment, company H, 2nd platoon and after the war ended he was sent tot eh 334th special engineers to guard German POWs. Any help would be appreciated. His name was Bude Jarvis.
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    Jlhudson J Hudson

    My grandfather was in the 716th tank battalion in the philippines during the war. he spent his 21st birthday under a burned out tank surrounded by the Japanese. His name was Oscar Duffield. Any help would be appreciated. He was from Clay county West Virginia.
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    Hello, we have an active group with lots a great documents, photos, and conversation about the 716th. Join us and contribute anything you’d like. 716th Tank Battalion
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    My Father-in-Law was a member of the 716th also. We are searching for any information or pictures he may have and have not found any yet. His name was Leo Tamisiea from Council Bluffs IA. If you find anything on him I would be grateful.- Thanks
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    I would suggest you register with our sister site on the other side of the pond - WWII Forums they are US based

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