Kiel May 1945: who was in charge?

Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by Jonathan Saunders, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Grimley

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    Hello All,
    I've found this site by accident.. My Grandfather was stationed at Kiel and took hundreds of photos with commentary.
    If anyone is interested I could scan and post them...? image.jpg
  2. Cee

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    Hi Grimley and welcome ... :)

    What is the story behind the impressive torpedo/marble item in your photo? I wouldn't mind seeing your Grandfather's photos if it in anyway helps us understand better what was happening in Kiel at the time.

    Regards ...

    Edit: Grandfather
  3. Grimley

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    Thanks Cee,,

    Unfortunately my Grandfather passed when I was only 3 so I didn't have the opportunity to ask him about his part in WW2 but according to my Grandmother all he did was fraternise!

    All I know about the Torpedo mounted on marble is that at least two other gentlemen in picture 3 had the same (my granddad is far right.. bottle in hand) and it had pride of place on my Grans mantle piece and now mine.

    I appreciate I have stumbled into serious discussions about WW2 and Kiel and it's unlikely that I'll throw any light on the subject so I thank you for your interest in my Grandfathers photos.

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    ...Thanks again.

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  6. Bernard85

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    good day smudger jnr,m,19th feb,2014.08:25pm.#8,re:kiel may 1945:who was in charge,as you said,#8.grand admiral donitz,regards bernard85
  7. NickFenton

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    A really interesting thread.
    I am interested in any photos of German E Boats or more specifically, a captured British ASR vessel in German markings that was taken to Kiel and used from 1941.
    I know there is in existence a photo stating that it was taken during the surrender that shows an 'E Boat' coming along side, but the person who saw it thought it looked more like a British ASR tender than an E Boat.
  8. Cee

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    Hi, Grimley,

    Just a wonderful album, thanks so much for posting! They fit into the thread quite nicely, giving a naval perspective on Kiel at war's end. I'm sure they will be of interest to Jonathan S. and BM as well who have both researched the area.

    Cheers ... :)
  9. Hi Grimley, Thanks very much for sharing these photographs. Wonderful to view them.

    Kind regards,

    Jonathan S
  10. Bluebell Minor

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    A personal thank you for sharing these photos with other members of this splendid site

    Grand Admiral Doenitz is the unmistakeable figure in the centre of the first photograph

    Thanks to a contact with a member of another similar site I have acquired some new, to me, information on British units based in Kiel in Summer 1945

    One such unit was 109 SHU. Does anyone know what the initials SHU stand for? No clues as whether unit was Army, Navy or Air Force.
  11. JaneW

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    I see this is an old conversation, but just to add that my father John Bradley was one of the scientists, attached to T Force, and he went into Kiel.In his letters he states that he went in with the SAS and was the first Allied force to enter Kiel. His commanding officer was Commander Curtis but I understand Major Tony Hibbert .was in overall command.
  12. Bluebell Minor

    Bluebell Minor Junior Member

    Thank you for this interesting snippet of information

    For our other experts, does anyone recognise Commander Curtis's unit? May be a detachment of 30 AU?
  13. Roy Martin

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    Bluebell Minor,
    This is the longest of shots, but, as you were at school in Ploen, I will ask it. A now dead colleague of mine was a Ploen resident, Martha Gaebel. After the war she worked as a translator / secretary for an officer in the British Army, does this ring any bells? Her family were butchers in Ploen.

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