Kasteel Blitenbeek (or maybe Kasteel Bleijenbeek) & Gennep Castle

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    I'm reading in the HLI missing personnel file regarding an incident that happened on 25.02.45 regarding how a number of 'B' Coy of the 5th Bn HLI became reported missing.

    The problem i'm having is that OC 'B' Coy gave a statement saying the objective that night was 'Kasteel Blitenbeek' but i can't find any reference to this via internet searches, so am asumming he actually meant 'Kasteel Bleijenbeek'

    The other problem though, is that a Private giving a statement about the same incident, just refers to 'the castle' but someone (likely from the Cas Branch) has annotated with green pen the word 'Gennep' near to where it says castle.

    Can anyone clarify if these references are different places or all refer to the same place?


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    Clanky - do you mean 25/02/1945??

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    Yes, sorry, will edit the OP

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    Thanks Richard

    I've not come across any Map or grid references yet, but 'Kasteel Blijenbeek' seems to be ticking all the boxes at the minute, with regard to the statements etc (i.e. they had 4 RE's with them to help cross the moat in boats, and also a mention of a main house plus outbuildings).

    Also by substituting a 't' for a 'j' in that war-time spelling you get the 'Blitenbeek' as noted in the statements

    So with Gennep town being not too far away to the North West, i'm more of the feeling now that 'Gennep' was just added to indicate the general area.
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    Agreed - it must be Kasteel Bleijenbeek as there are no other castles in that area and the dates match up for 52nd Div being there. There is a liberation route marker at the castle. Here is the link:

    200. A ruthless thorn in the flesh

    I visited there last year and took these photos:
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    Fragment of the History of the 52nd Lowland Division "Mountain and Flood" re Afferden and Kasteel Bleijenbeek:

    52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 024a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 025a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 025a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 026a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 027a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 028a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 029a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 030a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 031a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 032a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 033a.jpg 52nd Lowland Blackkock & Veritable 034a.jpg
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    This is how Kasteel Bleijenbeek looked today:

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