Kaiserliche Marine <>Royal Navy 1914-1918 comparative of Ranks and Graduations.

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    Kaiserliche Marine <>Royal Navy 1914-1918 comparative of Ranks and Graduations.

    Hi to all!

    In first place, excuse me for my dilated absence of this Forum. As I’m suffering a chronic rheumatic disease from many years -psoriatic arthritis- , I don’t collaborate anything in this site in past months…...

    As you possibly known, my former interests are centred in the German U-Boote of the WWII, by collaboration in the U-Historia webpage and Forum. But, no only is my unique hobby, also the History, friendship with my shipmates, are gratefully experiences.

    Read books, as you known, watch documentaries, surf the WWWeb, are a source of valuable knowledge and enjoyment.

    In recent past days, my friend, writer of books about the Submarine World War One in Spanish coasts lets me a petition about the equivalencies inter the ranks and graduations of the Royal Navy -Submarine Service- versus Kaiserliche Marine –the German U-Boote-

    I found links about this theme, but sadly I don’t capable to offer to my friend a definitive response. He consider that is very valuable offer a table of this type of information in his next book as an appendix, for the best comprension of all the matters inside.

    Royal Navy Ranks and Badges, World War 1
    The First World War British War Medal 1914 - 1918 - 1920 WWI
    john graham bower - AbeBooks

    Can all you help us in our enquirie?

    Thanks in advance.


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