Justin Sheedy R.I.P.

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    I saw this touching article by Marc Stevens today. Justin graced this community with many posts over the years.

    "About 6 or 7 years ago, through Facebook, I discovered the World War 2 novels of a highly talented, up-and-coming young (well, fortyish) Australian writer, Justin Sheedy. Over time, we became friends, and I greatly looked forward to each of his new novels about young pilots in the Royal Australian Air Force who had but one job: Stop Hitler (Justin's words, not mine).

    Justin wrote a lovely review of my book, and I wrote in glowing terms about each of his new novels as they appeared.

    Over the intervening years, whenever I went to Australia on business (3 times), I would make sure that Justin and I could get together in Sydney for beers, good food, and chat (mainly about women, family, WW2 aviation and writing). His was the rare combination of the gift of the word, and of being a truly genuine and nice guy.

    Justin announced about a month ago that he was almost finished the fourth novel in his World War 2 series, and that he had signed a big publishing and distribution deal. Success was finally his, and I was greatly pleased for him. I couldn't wait to get my hands on his newest work.

    I learned a week ago that Justin had collapsed at his day job desk. Apparently he suffered a massive coronary, and despite all good efforts by his co-workers, his brain was without oxygen for too long. Justin's family ensured that his organs have been donated to benefit others, as I'm sure he would have wanted.

    A talent like Justin's is rare. For it to be cut short at age 50 is a crime. Goodbye, my friend."

    Hello from Justin Sheedy, author of new WW2 historical fiction, "Nor the Years Condemn"
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    Many thanks for drawing my attention to Justin's passing.

    His name has now been entered in the Forum Roll of Honour:
    Forum Roll of Honour

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