Just Started To Put My Grandads Photos

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by halsaps21, Aug 2, 2005.

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    grandads photos on the internet can be viewed at
    http://rwkgdadsoldpics.rootschat.net hope is ok to post a link it seems
    my grandadfather took a camera with him to war hope somebody may recognise
    the pictures and the faces please keep trying the address as I will be adding more bit over the next few days.
    regards Lee
    hope its ok to put a link if not just delete this message.
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    A bit more info on the 4th RWK. After the battle of Alamein, they joined the 161st Indian Brigade - part of the 5th Indian Division. They went to Iraq in January 43, then India in April 43.
    The first action they saw was in the Arakan campaign in early 44. They took part in the battles of Razabil and the Mayu Tunnels in March/April 44. They were then airlifted to Kohima, where of course they won undying fame in the defence of Kohima, suffering 199 casualties (61 killed, 138 wounded) out of 444, and where L/Cpl Harman (of D company) won his VC.
    If you want to know more about the 4th RWK at Kohima I recommend "Springboard to Victory" by CE Lucas Phillips and "Not Ordinary Men" by John Colvin.
    The 4th RWK later saw action at the battle of Meiktila (at Taungtha) in March 45, the advance on Rangoon and in the final battles on the Sittang River in the summer of 45.

    Incidentally I think I'm right in saying that your Grandad's regimental number (6404935) indicates that he was originally in the Sussex Regiment.


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    Some interesting photos there but some are really small and hard to see, or is that just my eyes giving up the chase again?

    It would be good if you could click on each photo and have enlargements of them.

    But nice effort though :) A great piece of history.

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