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    i have just had contact with Richard Woodman a Trinity House Elder Brother, it is his understanding that Area Z, "Station ZULU" was not a light vessel but a Buoy
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    It is true that Area Z was marked by a buoy to begin with. Was it replaced later by a lightship? It remained a key navigation point for many months.

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    Believe that's 17thDYRCH in the Speedos, or am I mistaken?
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    That would be a negative!
    No speedos in this man's wardrobe....
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    Mike your work is stunning. Such great detail. Of the 29men and 2 vehicles that landed on Mike sector, RAF beach unit 103. One of the vehicles was a Bedford QL 3 tonne, driven by David Teacher. He's still going strong aged 92 and talks to school parties at IWM north and has a book out to.
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    Thanks for your kind words and information Chris.

    My father was also in the RAF and gave talks to school parties at IWM North. His subject was Air Sea Rescue and the Merlin engine. He did not write a book but left several box files of notes and correspondence. One day maybe.


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    Dear all,

    I research pictures or informations about the elements of the 6th Airborne who has landed at Juno on D-Day :
    3 Airldg A Tk Bty, 249 Fd Coy RE, 6 Airborne Div Sigs, 195 Airldg Fd Amb, 9 Airldg LASD, 716 Lt Comp Coy RASC...

    I talk to the experts of Juno Beach, that's why I post this question here and not on the Airborne forum.


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    I've search the various threads on Juno Beach Landing Tables and wasn't able to find the information below. I appologize if this info has already been posted. These are the table that "link" the LTIN Serial to the actual Landing Craft/Ship number

    Information below is from Operation Neptune, Force 'J' Naval Operation Order



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    Trux had identified the LSIs (something I had been researching) and a variety of other vessels. I think the details on LCTs and LCIs here are new?

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    Hi all,

    Do you have any more information about the LCT 2235 during the DDay ? Photo ? Exact hour of landing ? Is Mr Gull still alive ?

    Extract for : Veterans recall D-Day as excitement, fear and chaos
    Able Seaman Terry Gull, now 78, had an even closer view of the beaches as his tank-landing craft hit a mine and sank on Juno Beach which was assigned to the Canadians.
    "Initially we were told to get off and start fighting. But then we were told to sit tight and await further orders. So we just kept our heads down. There was an awful lot of stuff flying about," he added.

    Extract for : D-Day 60 Year On: The Longest Day
    "Two miles off the French coast, our landing craft took on 200 paras who landed on Juno beach. "They said there weren't enough planes to go round. "As we came ashore we hit a mine that blew two holes in the engine room, leaving us high and dry. Luckily no one was injured, but onthe beach there were scores of bodies, mainly Canadian."

    Memorials and Monuments in (the former) St Barbara's Church, Hilsea Barracks (D-Day White Ensign)


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  17. Xavier,

    I suspect a typo somewhere, because on D Day LCT 2235 was part of 107 LCT Flotilla, "O" LCT Squadron, Assault Group "U" (for UTAH), carrying elements of (US) 1st Engineer Special Brigade. Your last link mentions JUNO and 103 LCT Flotilla (which was part of 2nd Support Squadron, not "Senior Support Group" as written), which comprised eight LCT (A) and (HE).

    If indeed part of 103 Flotilla, it might be LCT(HE) 2234 or 2285 but certainly not LCT 2235. 103 & 105 LCT Flotilla carried Centaurs of the Royal Marine Armoured Support Group.


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    Merci Michel,

    Ok for the mistake about the number. I think Mr Gull was on board LCT2285. In this case, this LCT could be one of the ferry services 1542, 1543 and 1545 who landed on Juno Beach a part of the seaborne of the 6th Airborne (249th RE, 716th RASC, 195th RAMC...).

    Extract from : Letters to the editor
    "LCT (A) 2285, leader of the 103rd flotilla, running into the beach four times on D-Day..."

    It is possible to know at what time the LCT hit the mine ? During his last running into the beach ?


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  19. I do not know if and when LCT(HE) 2285 hit a mine or not, but she was listed as "sunk or beyond repair" on 19 Jun 44.

    British Pathe clips 1360.07 & 2131.11 include a few images of her landing troops, probably somewhere on JUNO, after H Hour / D Day:

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    3rd Canadian Inf Division - Outline Landing Table

    The attached documents are from the 3rd Cdn Division War Diaries located In Library and Archives Canada

    This is a PLANNING document, that outlines which landing group and serials, lands at “which time”......PLEASE NOTE, it IS A PLANNING DOCUMENT......some of the vessels where changed or moved around within their serials for D-Day

    Also, please find a transcription prepared by myself, in order to read the originals. The originals are in very poor condition.....and in fact I found the SAME documents in different locations in which the scanning of these documents are somewhat better......but having said that, “some” of the information is my “best guess” on the original document. I did cross check with the Landing Tables....but in some cases I couldn’t confirm exactly the name on the document. Also the transcription is NOT identical replica to the originals, I was attempting to including all the info from the originals, but changed the format to hopefully help in understanding them (and to help fit within the word processing program I was using)

    IF members have “better eyes” than me and can correct any of the transcription, please let me know

    These documents are part of a LARGER document which contains the planning info for MIKE beach also. I will be working on that set of documents next...and post it under this Thread


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