JU 353 crash, Hitler's papers and Else Kreuger

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    My partner instigated the DNA with one of Bormann's sons and through the family solicitor, Besolt. Unfortunately this was not done by an independant party, but by Professor Wolfgang Eisenmenger, the same person who earlier had done the post mortem of Hess. (in cloud.com it was stated the dna was done with the children - this is untrue) The test was not done with any of the sons or daughters, but was done with samples of blood of an elderly un-named and untraceable female relative. The remains, as with the remains of Hess (who had been dug up from a grave) were cremated and scattered at sea, neither being naval men!. Mueller had an inscribed grave, with regular flowers and visits, but when un-earthed it uncovered the bones of at least three people, none of which were Mueller.. Cloud.com, also commented on the pocket diary that was picked up from the supposed Bormann's body (well documented) - but did not say that this notebook, included the birthdates of his children several of which were wrong as were other facts in it.)

    Also we did visit the Cambridge home of Leslie and Else James, but she did not want to speak to us and only spoke through the letter box. Later we met their son Harold, , who had been born in Bedford, in 1956. . Trevor Roper (Lord Dacre) later told us that the son was not told about his mother's involvement with the bunker. I had heard that Leslie had died in Germany, but where did Else die? She was in Cambridge in 1996. There was an article, with a picture of the grave, in The Echo, Liverpool, January this year.

    Going back to Bormann - we were told by a ex Nazi lady who knew him, that he was not a fugitive, but could travel almost anywhere. Of course in those days this would have been easier than today.
    The trouble with conspiracy theories, is that the more you try to disprove them, sometimes it works the other way.
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    Not sure where Else died but she is buried with her husband Leslie in a graveyard in Staufen - there is info earlier in the thread about this. I think you will find the news article you refer to was written by member Robin


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