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    We have adopted a grave in Margraten, Limburg, The Netherlands.
    For us as a reenacment group we would like to gather as much as info as we can find to tell the story and keep the memory alive.

    Info I already found:

    name: Joseph Walter Montgomery
    Day of birth: 12-02-1917
    Died: 10-12-1944

    Served with the Cameronians ( scottish Rifles ) 9bn
    I hope I understood right that they joined the 46th Highland Infantry Brigade on 28-12-1942 as a part of the 15th scottish Devision.

    What I can't find is where this corporal was at the time he died. Where was he, what was he doing ?

    I found a topic where I can request information in the national archive but I think I don't know enough information as it's unclear to me to look for what unit or brigade or ?

    Attached a picture of his grave we visited yesterday for Christmas.

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    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: Joseph Montgomery
    Given Initials: J W
    Rank: Corporal
    Death Date: 10 Dec 1944
    Number: 3250645
    Birth Place: Belfast
    Residence: Glasgow
    Branch at Enlistment: Infantry
    Theatre of War: Western Europe Campaign, 1944/45
    Regiment at Death: Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
    Branch at Death: Infantry

    Global, Find A Grave Index for Burials at Sea and other Select Burial Locations, 1300s-Current
    Name: Corp Joseph Walter Montgomery
    Death Date: 10 Dec 1944
    Cemetery: Brunssum War Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Brunssum, Brunssum Municipality, Limburg, Netherlands
    Has Bio?: N

    Ireland, Civil Registration Births Index, 1864-1958
    Name: Joseph Walker Montgomery
    Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1917
    Registration district: Antrim
    Birth Country: Ireland
    Volume: 1
    Page: 6
    FHL Film Number: 101077

    Joseph Walker Montgomery
    Birth: 12 Feb 1917 - Connor, Antrim, Northern Ireland
    Death: 10 Dec 1944
    Marriage: 9 Apr 1942
    Spouse: Margaret Millar Anderson
    F: James Henry Montgomery
    M: Susan Glover

    Joseph Walker Montgomery
    BIRTH 12 FEB 1917 • Artnagullion, Connor, Co Antrim
    DEATH 10 DEC 1944 • Western Europe

    There are several family trees on Ancestry that include his details

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    It is a shame his CWGC details do not shown a grave concentration form. This might have given his original place of burial and a clue to the location of where he fell.
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  5. Drew5233

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    The battalion was training and having entertainment on the 10th Dec so he has either died of wounds or possibly was with another unit. The battalion is recorded as being at Asten with the entertainment at Helmond, Deurne and Eindhoven.

    The battalion suffered 8 casualties on 3rd Dec, killed and wounded. No other casualties listed before the 10th Dec.
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    Thank you so much already for these quick answers. Reading the war diarys is quite a job tbh... Trying imagine.
    Now if I puzzle this all together, is there any other way to find out what could have caused him his life ?
    Are there any other papers that could shine a light on this matter ?

    By browing through this forums I came acros the work Drew5233 has done by going to the National Archives. Is that the same as the War diarys ? if so, is there anything else what could be usefull in the National Archives ?

    Having a picture add's so much to tell the story, thanks!!
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  8. Stuart Avery

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    In the Roll of Honour page 262 of The History of THE CAMERONIANS (Scottish Rifles) 3250645 Cpl. Montgomery, J.W. ( 6 Batt.)

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    Is there a link to this Roll of honour? All I can find is about ww1. Thanls
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    I've just had a look at the history of the 6th Cameronians and it lists Cpl Montgomery in the roll of honour so backs up what Stu says above, so looks like CWGC etc may be wrong with 9th Battalion.

    Unfortunately the history isn't very clear with dates in the text so its hard to pick out the info for the 10th - round about there it mentions patrolling (and the toll it took on NCO's) and mortaring.

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  13. JanThijs

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    Is that a public file ? Thanks for your information!
  14. AB64

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    I've attached images showing the book, the Roll of Honour entry the 2 pages dealing with 5th to 11th December (as I say its an overview rather than a clear day by day report) and the sketch map showing the position they were holding for that period.

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  15. Stuart Avery

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    I'm glad you have said that.. I was starting to think that i was losing the plot. I spent a while last night in scanning some pages,& came to the same conclusion has you.You beat me to it for the scans, but I'll show them anyway. They run from October to the Dec 44.
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    Wow! Great stuff!!!

    Thanks alot guys! Really appreciated!!!
  17. Stuart Avery

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    JanThijs, some more information that you may be aware of.? Handy to know if you don't. More to follow in next post.. Not sure if they would all fit on one post,& i don't like using Thumbnail!

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  18. Stuart Avery

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    Here are the remainder. I should have posted the Roll of Honour last night.
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    Thanks! I found myself some reading to do! Really appreciate the work you all put into this!

    I've looked up his record at the forces of war and that states this:

    First Name:
    J W
    Date of Death:
    Killed in action
    Incident Details:
    Reported to War Office Casualty Branch for the 24 hours ending at 9am.
    Incident Date:
    Casualty List No. 1644.
    War Substantive Corporal
    Service Number:
    Duty Location:
    Western Europe

    Is that something else you could use ?
    First of all it states, killed in action and the line incident details: I don't know what that means.
    The incident date is later then his death...hmmm Any idea's ?
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    The details that you post above are from the Army casualty lists. They are just that, a list of casualties that range from wounded, missing, POW and killed in action. The date of 2 January 1945 is the date of the list and includes those casualties reported in the previous 24 hours, note of course, that incidents took time to be collated and reported. As I say, it is just a list and provides no more information than that you posted.

    War Office: Army Casualty Lists, 1939-45 War | The National Archives
    British Army Casualty Lists 1939-1945 |
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