Joseph Hayhurst:Border Regiment

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    Remembered on Kew Botanical Gardens War Memorial.

    Private HAYHURST, J
    Service Number G/31695

    Died 07/09/1918

    6th Bn.
    Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)

    Husband of Mrs. B. Hayhurst, of Ebenezer Terrace, Billington, Whalley, Blackburn.

    Private Joseph Hayhurst, of Kew Gardens, died 7th September 1918

    Hayhurst died serving as G/31695, 6th Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment, died 7 September 1918, aged 33.

    He was formerly 24251, KOSB King’s Own Scottish Borderers (Border Regiment), the Regiment listed on the Kew War Memorial.
    Joseph Hayhurst | Worldwarzoogardener1939's Blog

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    0D83B1FB-58A1-498C-ACF7-18802B48ADA4.jpeg Hi,

    I can’t see any mention of KOSB on his Medal Roll Index Card...probably an error on world war zoo website?

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    His service and medal roll have him in the 1st BN Border reg,6th,8th,RWK then back to the 8th and finally back to the RWK. Poor lad wouldn't know if he was coming or going.
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