John Newton 22nd May 1940

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    Not necessarily - Ancestry has specific databases that FMP does not, hence we normally help each other out on the forum

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    From FMP two entries
    One states `died of wounds`
    One simply states `Died`

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    Couple of Headstone photographs from
    WW2Cemeteries (Bondues Communal Cemetery ) link as
    photos in gallery are © Werner Van Caneghem

    and (below) Findagrave. (credit Emma Lescroart)


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    Note that the second of the two images posted, headed page 36, was the first casualty list and shows him as 'died', with the wrong initial and DNR. This was corrected by a subsequent casualty list, headed page 30, that states 'died of wounds' , with his correct initial and the actual date.
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