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    I'm trying to find a little more about my uncle John Grant Milton. Its the usual story; didn't ask the right questions back in the day and now he's passed on the questions can't be asked, and he doesn't come upon internet enquiries.

    What I do know. Born in Lanark in 1916 but brought up in Aberdeen he served in Holland and Germany with 52nd Lowland Division; the usual complaint, after training long and hard as mountain troops they ended up at Walcheren. Various stories about what happened but somehow never mentioned which regiment or battalion had the pleasure of his company.

    He spoke of doing his basic training at Barnard Castle [and on one occasion marching up to Ponteland ranges outside Newcastle]I believe that Barnard Castle would be consistent with KOSB, although his father was a regular with 2HLI in WW1.

    The only other clue is that in the run up to Arnhem the division became an Air-landing one and was to have been flown into Deelen once the airfield there was captured. It wasn't of course, but according to my Uncle, just as they were starting to relax, somebody came up with the bright idea of sending them into Arnhem in gliders. Checking the division history, Mountain and Flood, confirms this but says the intention was only to send in one brigade [presumably there weren't enough gliders for more], but frustratingly doesn't identify the brigade in question.

    Any suggestions gratefully received
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    welcome to the forum
    Apply for his service records via the link below

    Get a copy of military service records

    £30 plus date of birth and a copy of his death cert is all that is required but there is a bit a of a wait at the moment

    Link to apply for his death cert General Register Office - Online Ordering Service - Login

    Anything else without these will be guesswork and you will not get anywhere
    You wont find his records on the internet so please do not waste you money joining such sites that promise them

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    Thanks Clive, it's actually gotten a bit worse at the moment. An enquiry to the GRO [with cheque] got returned with a polite letter regretting that due to Covid they'e not able to process any postal enquiries at the moment.

    The nuisance of it is that I'm not particularly excited about seeing his records. He told me the stories - I remember the loot from Bremen. I'd just like to track down his battalion.

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    Do you mean GRO. Did he die 20 July 1993 in Aberdeen, in which case you will need the National Records of Scotland:
    National Records of Scotland - GOV.UK (

    Is it possible that someone in the family has his death certificate to save getting a new one?

    You say that you don't really want his records, just his battalion, but did he stay with the same unit throughout the war, do you really know he was in the KOSB or just assuming?
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    GRO - I'm showing my age, but yes that's him. Unfortunately there's nobody else left.
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    Records and stories are totally different sorry to say that
    many people come this way with stories of their families war time escapades which over time turn into pure fantasy( I am not suggesting in this case)

    So if you are interested I suggest you get his records

    Like you say there is nobody else left
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    Looks like there may well be:

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    Ah, afraid not. Those were his second wife's offspring...

    Not to worry, once the Register Office starts working again I'll go down that road.

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