John Dallimore, 5th Anti-Tank Regiment, 4th Canadian Armoured Division

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    Dear all,

    I promised to post some pics of my collection. I thought I would show you my latest aquisition.
    This set belonged to John Dallimore. He served with the 5th Anti-Tank Regiment wich was part of the 4th Armoured division. They landed on the Normandy beaches July 1944, and fought in France, Belgium and later here in Holland. Sadly, he passed away January 22th 2018.

    Most of the items are named, I bought everything directly from his niece. His niece still has more of his items such as his beret, medals, Paybook et cetera. I have most of his webbing, the only thing missing is one of the braces wich I will add myself.
    Unfortunately the BD is stripped from most of it`s patches. John actually put them on his beret. I am hoping to also be able to buy the other items to keep everything together.


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    Interesting - thanks for posting.
  3. Jan2000

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    Thank you very much. Still in touch with the family, when I have time I will put down some more information about Mister John.

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    Thanks for posting. We look forward to seeing more.
  5. Jan2000

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    Unfortunately my computer broke down. I will try to post some pics via my mobile phone.

    Cansdian WW2 smallpack contents. Still need a few bits and pieces. I particulary like the sealed emergency ration.

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    Can someone possibly change the topic title? Thanks!

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