Jewish fighters (in France) in WW2

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  1. TriciaF

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    "De même que les français n’étaient pas tous des collaborateurs ni tous des résistants, les Juifs n’ont pas tous été des victimes passives."
    "As well as the French not being all collaborators, if not all resistants, the Jews weren't all passive victims."
    I bought this book locally:
    « Combattants Juifs dans les armées de Libération », de Georges Brandstatter
    and have had some correspondence with the author since then.
    He was 'hidden' with a french catholic farming family during the war, not far from me. And has spent much time and effort into this project, interviews with 50+ french Jews who fought against the Nazis.
    He asked me if I knew any way his book could be published more widely - any ideas?
  2. idler

    idler GeneralList Patron may have a self-publishing option for Kindle and possibly print.
    I don't know what the score is with foreign language books on the likes of Lulu.
    Either way he should be able to avoid major costs up front.
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    As I see it,Pen and Sword of Barnsley bring an abundance of individual wartime accounts into publication.Perhaps an approach to them may be helpful.

    There is another avenue and that is self publication through the help of little known publishers but from what I know this method is often fraught with rip offs....also attracts individuals who offer help in raising publicity for a book which probably is not necessary as a reputable publisher would include that in a package.

    Pleased to see a Jewish Resistance account....some were certainly active in their opposition to the ideology of the new order imposed by the Vichy regime and the occupier.
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    Thanks for the replies - I'll pass on your suggestions to him. He has had his book published by a small local publisher, but to get a bigger readership it would need to be translated into english. I had thought of offering but it would take too long - we'd both probably be in a better place before it was finished:)
    Yes it's good to hear of Jewish fighters, there are many, husband's grandfather was an amateur boxer, a real tough guy. And there's our Ron!
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    I have used Amazon for several books. As idler said there are no upfront costs and they have useful templates for covers etc. It would be worth him looking at the website, the publishing side is called Create Space. The problem I have never overcome is how to publicise the book.
  6. idler

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    I think it's fair to say that some 'proper' publishers often leave a large chunk of the marketing to the authors, so that may not be much of a handicap in practice.

    Some subtle references to them on here might pay off as WW2Talk threads are quite quickly picked up by Google. Then there's Facebook with its specialist pages and groups. It's unstructured, poor as an archive and perhaps not the first port of call of the perceived target market, but it is very accessible and can propagate through people's friend networks. Drew5233's France and Flanders FB page is doing pretty well as an example:

    The France and Flanders Campaign 1940

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