Japanese Surrenders Signed on Royal Navy Ships

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    Hello All, I am trying to compile a list of Royal Navy ships on which Japanese surrenders were signed. Using Google I have found HMS Sussex (Singapore), HMS Nelson (Malaya) and HMS Glory (Rabaul). Is it possible that surrenders of other areas were signed on other ships, or is it likely that these are the only three?
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    The Japanese certainly signed a surrender onboard HMS Sussex at Singapore but there was also a formal surrender signed at the Municipal Building with Lord Louis Mountbatten two weeks later on 12 Sept 45.
    The formal surrender by the Japanese of Hong Kong took place at Government House on 16 Sept45. Hong Kong had been relieved earlier by the Royal Navy and it may be a similar event had taken place on board a ship as in Singapore. In which case I would look at HMS Anson or HMS Swiftsure for such a possibility.

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    Thanks Tim , I see that a surrender was accepted on HMS Anson at Hong Kong.

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