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    I was able to pick up this request for surrender grouping from a local WW2 Air Show in Reading PA. USA. It is a three day show that has grown each year that includes not only reenactors but some great examples of both British and US planes. This year I found this document early on the first day just as the vendor opened up. I was intrigued by both the wording request and the date that they were surrendering. I had my framer protect the document and actually have the directions in the back on how to remove everything if I ever wish to sell. Always interested in both comments and questions.
    Surrender Document.JPG
    translation.JPG Items.JPG USMC OK.JPG
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    Really good job.
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    I assume that is September 44 when they were moping up on Guam ?
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    That was my assumption. Still working on trying to figure out more information based on the USMC name.

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