Japanese Dogtags?

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    Hello, I'm posting this to see if I can't find more information on these alleged dogtags. They've been in my family for years and I'm curious as to what more information I can find on them. If they aren't dogtags, what might they be?

    Here's the pic:

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    My first port of call would be an e-mail sent to the Japanese Embassy (Cultural Division) attaching the image and asking if they could kindly identify the object.


    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    They certainly are Jap tags (I'm presuming they're brass, though they can be encountered in steel)....'Ninshikihyo'.

    They're of the officially issued 1894 pattern which continued to be worn from then to beyond 1945. The official way of wear was on a tape across the chest (running from shoulder to waist) so, as mentioned previously, it looks like they've been deliberately bent to make a bracelet.


    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    ...here're 3 of mine. The one in the centre is brass and the two outside are steel (the one on the left being from a Chemical Warfare detachment - dug up in China!)

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    Thanks for the replies! I'm gonna go see if I can't get it translated somehow. I've always wondered what's written on them.

    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    I've always wondered what's written on them.

    Translations are beyond me,I'm afraid, but I can tell you that Other Ranks tags had 3 rows of inscriptions ...unit name, company number and serial (personal) number. Officer tags had two rows only...rank and full name....so it would appear that all yours originate from Japanese enlisted men.

    The attached may help a little (from 'How the Jap Army fights' (1943)...


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    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    The official way of wear was on a tape across the chest (running from shoulder to waist)

    To illustrate...

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    I see. Thanks for the extra info
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    Bear with me, I may be able to get them translated for you.


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