Japanese Bamboo torture

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    the 'mythbusters' test the myth


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    My father told me that before they left Hickam in 1942 to go into the Pacific they were shown the smuggled films taken in China at Nanjing. He described the Japanese using the Chinese POWs as live bayonet dummies, and the burying and burning of other Chinese POWs alive. The Commander wanted them to know what to expect if captured. Iris Chang wrote an outstanding book called the "Rape of Nanjing it mentions the smuggled films brought back to the states.

    Nanjing Massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There is so much available about the Japanese Unit 731, if you can do a search or read that book.

    The Japanese were actually dissecting American and Allied POWs alive and awake. The strapped them to the surgical table and cut them wide open. All this has been documented and confirmed in the book Unit 731.

    Here is another link to these crimes against humanity by the Japanese.

    Rape of Nanjing Photos

    This link will take you to numerous other links concerning the tortures, dissecting of POWs, Nanjing, and many many other crimes at the bottom of the page the links are provided. It is an excellent resource and ww2Pacific should be thanked for posting these links and exposing the crimes. I have talked to American Veterans from Europe who saw terrible things, but some how never realized this was going on in the Pacific Theater. They were shocked.

    Unit 731

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    It is hard to forgive such things when no real apology has been offered these responsible. As well it was mainly American Military Authorities who allowed so many of these monsters to go free. We would have to find it in our hearts some place to forgive them as well I imagine.

    Maybe you have seen this movie it is based on a true story of the Japanese and one of their camps and crimes.

    It is called "Prisoners of the Sun" and it touches on the American Military Authorities protecting some of the higher ranking Japanese officers from any kind of punishment.
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    It's a path I've walked - deep and about as disturbing as it gets... I strongly suggest not taking the route unless it is absolutely necessary for your research...
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    My father was always one to take each person on their own. During an interview he did for our son for a History Project he mentioned how many Japanese Americans helped after the Attacks on 12/7/1941 in Hawaii. He was there and he saw their efforts to help with his own eyes.

    We are of German decent on both sides. During WWI any people in our area with German names were always considered questionable. A lot of common things had their names changed to distance them from being of German origin.

    A German member of the Nazis Party saved thousands of Chinese in Nanjing. He used his position to intimidate the Japanese to save thousands of Chinese along with the help of others. He was later relieved of his position when he asked Berlin to get involved. I believe his name is John Rabe and he has been called the Good Nazis. Because of his actions he was removed from his position and after the war the Chinese people found out how poorly he and his wife were living and began to send them some money and supplies to help them to survive.

    There is also a Japanese Diplomat who was signing visas for Jews to go to Japan and many were saved through his efforts. He too was relieved of his position but he is now a Righteous Gentile of Israel. The Japanese allowed the Jews to live in a sectioned off area of a large city after the war started and most survived having gone to Japan.

    I would want to see those responsible for these terrible crimes held responsible for their crimes. Those who protected them should also be help responsible. Not entire nations, but those who acted so badly, Axis and Allied together. Like any criminal of any kind of crime should be.


    The Japanese Diplomat and his wife who saved thousands of Jews before WWII.

    Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara

    This is about the German John Rabe who saved possibly 250,000 Chinese at Nanjing

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    Two great links... (welcome aboard, btw)

    My father never forgave the Japanese for what he went through in Burma and for what he witnessed, and he never saw the worst of it... he passed nearly 10 years back...
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    My heart goes out to you and what your father witnessed no person should have to witness.

    In the United States a lot of loyal Japanese were treated like anything but loyal Americans. Even Germans and Italians were rounded up to some extent.

    I have found some people unable to handle the truth of what the Criminals of the Japanese Military did to their POWs. It is beyond their ability to believe such things took place.

    However we know they did these things and the fact the Japanese still hesitate to accept or take responsibility is still an issue for many, and for good reason.

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