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    I am currently researching my grandfathers uncle, James Wilkie, on his behalf, who served in the Scots Guards from 1932 to 1936, and thereafter 1939-1945 during WW2. I have access to his service records and small pieces of information (including photographs) that was passed on to my grandfather. His army number was 2694344.

    I am trying to piece together his movements during his service in Egypt in 1936 with 1st Battalion, and during his service in Normandy in 1944 with the 3rd Tank Battalion. However, I’m struggling to find out, particularly during 1944, what squadron or flank he was in. He was wounded on 30/7/1944 at Caumont.

    Is there anything I have clearly missed in his service records regarding this? Or is there any relevant websites or material that would help me locate such information.

    Any help would be appreciated to point me in the right direction! I am completely new to doing military research, so apologies if I am asking a question that is not possible to answer.

    Many thanks,

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    Welcome to the forum. I see you’ve been redirected here after posting your question on Great War Forum.

    I can’t help re his WW2 service other than to suggest you look through the items listed in this “3rd Scots Guards” search of the forum - it includes a transcription of the 1944 war diary and a contemporaneous account of the battalion movements and actions in North West Europe July 1944 to May 1945.


    Please see attached page from the Regimental History about the 1st Battalion in Egypt 1935/36.


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    His entire service record and more are on Find My Past including dental records, annual review comments, disciplinary records etc There is no mention of the squadron he was served with during his time with 3 SG.
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    I’ve commented previously that it is a great shame that MOD don’t provide the same amount of information to applicants as that contained in the Scots Guards service files.

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    Thank you, I appreciate the help. The 3rd Scots Guards transcription of 1944/45 has been most helpful. I’ll also begin to look through other service records on find my past, as I’ve used that so far regarding my grandfathers uncles service records as the paper copies appear to be missing a number of sheets that we have currently.

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    I’ve been using Find My Past to access his service records, they’ve given me a good military timeline so far.


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