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    My Wife is looking into the service history of her Grandfather who was in the Signals in 1942. He was, we understand, on his way to India possibly on HMS Hecla. Hecla hit a mine off the South African coast while with Convoy WS18 as was towed into Simonstown for repair.

    Does anyone have any info as to wether or not Hecla was carrying troops to India or where we might find more info.

    Unfortunately we do not have his service number other than he was a Second Lieutenant
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    Hello Merlin,
    I've moved your query to it's own thread, so as not to get buried in the other signals one.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Several Navy experts on the forum who no doubt will soon make contact with you.

    If you have not seen the following links, they may be of interest to you.

    Maritime Disasters of WWII 1942, 1943

    HMS HECLA (November 11, 1942)
    Royal Navy depot ship of 10,850 tons, the fifth of seven ships to bear this name, was taking part in the Allied landings in North Africa, when it was torpedoed and sunk just after midnight by a German U-boat, the U-515. It sank west of the Straits of Gibraltar, 337 kilometres northwest of Rabat, French Morocco. A total of 279 men died and 568 survivors were rescued by the escort destroyers. HMS Venomous succeeded in rescuing more survivors from Hecla and landed them at Casablanca. Seven months earlier, on April 16, 1942, she was part of convoy WS-18 which ran into a minefield laid by the German Minelayer Doggerbank. Damaged and taken in tow by the light cruiser HMS Gambia, she was to spend the next eighteen weeks in Simonstown undergoing repairs. In this instance twenty-four of her crew were killed when she struck the mine amidships.

    uboat.net - Re: HMS HECLA

    HMS Hecla (i) (F 20) - Destroyer Depot Ship of the Hecla class - Allied Warships of WWII - uboat.net

    HMS Hecla [Archive] - World Naval Ships Forums

    BBC - WW2 People's War - George Male’s story part 3 of 3

    HMS HECLA - Find Friends and Information from HMS HECLA at Forces Reunited

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    Hi Merlin and welcome to the forum....Assuming your mother is the next of kin I would apply for his service records from the MOD. See the link below for all the FAQ's and forms.

    Army Personnel Centre - British Army Website

    If I remember I'll dig out my Signals books and see what units were in India in 42. The best bet would defo be the records though.

    Do you have any pictures of him from the war?

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    Thanks Andy. I don't have a pictures I'm afraid, but if you can find anymore info it would be helpful.
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    Some of the Signals units in India during 1942:

    2nd Infantry Division Signals- 6.1942

    70th Infantry Division Signals - 3.1942 to 10.1943

    Plus there are numerous Indian Signals units.

    Sourced from: The Royal Corps of Signals unit histories of the Corps 1920 to 2001

    Have you got his records yet?
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    Not got any records yet, waiting for my Father in law to decide if he wants to follow it up.
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    Would anyone know which Signals unit would have been on HMS Hecla when she got damaged off South Africa and was taken into Simonstown for repair. Also is it possible to get service records without any service numbers?
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    James Jesse Breeze is my my grandfather, though never knew much about him, and this has only just come to light, and hope it helps, please let me know if you have any information or even if this is the same person

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