Jamaica Inn - Daphne du Maurier/Boy Browning

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    I visited Jamaica Inn a few weeks ago where Daphne du Maurier set her famous novel. I'm sure most people here are aware that she was married to Lieutenant-General Boy Browning of Market Garden fame. There is a small museum there with a number of artifacts related to Browning. Here is an interesting letter from Prince Philip to du Maurier which discusses Browning's "shabby treatment" in the movie "A Bridge Too Far". I don't know who Jim is?

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    Browning's battle dress and portrait on display at the museum.

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    As part of my MA course a few months ago attended a lecture/post grad tutorial on the making of the film A Bridge Too Far and how (and more importantly why) the film deviated from actuality. A side note was the reaction of du Maurier to the news that Dirk Bogarde had been chosen to play her late husband. Her correspondence reveals that she was deeply concerned that this might impune his masculinity. So relieved was she after seeing the rushes that she failed to comment on the way in which the finger of blame was pointed in his direction. He was the one who was safely dead whereas others were still abov ground.
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