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    One of the more disturbing bits I've just read.
    Seek Revenge on the Nazis, yes, but not this.
    It was a maternity hospital. The Russians did not only rape all the nuns but also all the women lying in the hospital ward. All the pregnant ones and all the women who had just given birth.
    They raped them in hordes and for days.

    This was funny though.
    "Ich höre Russen scheißen. Ich höre Russen scheißen." .......There is a big difference in German between schießen and scheißen. One means shooting and the other shitting..... Into our tense silence she was screaming "I hear Russians shitting, I hear Russians shitting."
    But when we heard this, we all burst into a roaring laughter.
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    One of the popular sayings in Berlin in 1944 was "Rather a Russian on my Belly than a Yankee Bomb" After May 1945 I'd say they were wishing they'd never thought of it!
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    We should never forget the victims of Man's War's.

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