J w c simpson 43/245 sqn

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    Thats awful. Would like to find out more about the circumstances.
    This is a photo of 245 Squadron hurricanes over Northern Ireland.

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  2. skyhawk

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    Obtained the following article:

  3. bofbpublisher

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    I'm republishing Bolithio's book on Simpson. Could you loan me copies of his combat reports? I'd love to include them in the picture section. Best to reply to my work email if that's okay.
    Jonathan Reeve, Amberley Publishing wk email: j.reeve (at) amberley-books.com
  4. skyhawk

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    Hi bofbpublisher. Yeah no problems. Good news to hear the book is being republished.
    ill get in touch.
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    I'm doing research on H.C. Upton of 43 and 607 Squadrons during the Battle of Britain. I have combat reports, etc., but am interested in any other material anyone may have come across.


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    welcome to the forum
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    My first post

    I have a lovely large original oil painting of J W Simpson in his RAF gear. Once I learn how to post images I will upload.

    Nice to find others interested in Simpson
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    HI Fighter Pilot

    To add an image - in the reply box in bottom right hand corner is the option 'More Reply Options' select this and towards the base of the page is the area for 'Attach File' - select 'Choose Files...' and upload from wherever you need to.

    To hopefully further this thread I have found a French site about this man - which can be translated:

    http://www.cieldegloire.com/002_raf_simpson_j_w_c.php it contains some images not already on this thread

  9. Fighter Pilot

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    Here is a photo of the large painting I have.

    I can confirm that he did commit suicide in Hyde Park

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  10. Fighter Pilot

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    He was in incredible pain by 1949 and hated the desk job that he had.

    The bloke is a hero and epitomises that period for me.

    I am glad I can share the painting with you

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