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    hello there,
    my grandad was in the 14th army in burma,he was a gunner,his name was john james thomas hollidge.he came from dagenham in essex,ive been on the burma star association web site and have been reading all about the war in burma,i remember my grandad talking about general slim.i feel very proud of my grandad fighting in burma.ive been trying to find out if there is any one who remebered him,i posted on another forum but i havnt had any replys.is there a forum any where else for people reunitedfrom theburma war?
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    ive managed to find some more information on my grandad,(john james thomas hollidge, known as jack)
    he was a gunner in the royal artilary,14th army under general slim.
    his army number was:892928,he was in burma from:18/4/1939 to 8/3/1946.
    does k battery feild depot make any sense? thats all i could read in his book as it is not in very good condition.he enlisted at romford.hope some one can help with some info on my grandpops.
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