IWM Interview with Walter 'Scottie' Scott 1st Bn King's Liverpool Regt

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    IWM Interview with Walter Purcell 'Scottie' Scott 1st Bn King's Liverpool Regt 1x 4 ½ hour parts

    Object description

    British officer commanded 8 Column during First Chindit Expedition in Burma, 1943 and 1st Bn King's Liverpool Regt during Second Chindit Expedition in Burma, 1944
    Content description

    REEL 1 Joining Royal Engineers, 1939. Commissioning into King's Liverpool Regt, 6/1940. Arrival in India, 1/1942. Recruitment into Chindits, 1942. Recollections of operations commanding 8 Column during First Chindit Expedition in Burma, 1943: crossing into Burma; impressions of Orde Wingate; column's decoy role in Pinlebu area; opinion of Japanese troops; problems of crossing River Irrawaddy; RAF supply drops; crossing River Shweli using ropes and boats; re- crossing River Irrawaddy; condition of his commanding officer; arrangements for aircraft to collect sick and wounded in Indaw area; Japanese attempt to block column's return to India; close quarter action with Japanese at Kyauwe Chaung. REEL 2 Continues: lack of illness in jungle; opinion of Japanese troops; issue of silk handkerchief maps to Chindits; question of Chindits achievements on first expedition; degree to which Burmese civilians aided Chindits; Orde Wingate's orders to disperse; Scott's insistence of his commanding officer's evacuation; story of ambushing junk to cross River Irrawaddy and payment of boatmen; payment for Burmese villager's rice stores; refusal of hospitalisation on return from expedition. Recollections of operations commanding 1st Bn King's Regt during Second Chindit Expedition, 1944: reason for switch from Piccadilly to Broadway as landing ground; unit's role as 'floater' protecting Broadway; effect of Orde Wingate's death on morale. REEL 3 Continues: opinion of Orde Wingate and story of his farewell at start of operation; role in Second Chindit Expedition; Japanese sabotage of Piccadilly landing ground; opinion of Orde Wingate; role of unit in Second Chindit Expedition; move to Broadway; effect of receiving news of Orde Wingate's death; action at Blackpool and role of his columns as rearguard; terrain around Blackpool; narrow escapes from Japanese bullet at Blackpool. REEL 4 Continues: Aspects of Chindit expeditions of 1943 and 1944: performance of mules; fate of mule Big Bertha in 1943 expedition; fate of mules in 1944; discipline and morals.

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    Wonderful officer, loved by all he commanded.


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