IWM Interview with Lt-Col Charles Cecil Allen Carfrae

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    IWM Interview with Charles Cecil Allen Carfrae in 4 x ½ hour parts

    Object description

    British officer served with 10th Bn Nigeria Regt, Royal West African Frontier Force in Nigeria and India, 1940-1944; served with 29 Column during Second Chindit Expedition in Burma, 1944
    Content description

    REEL 1 Background to posting to Royal West African Frontier Force, 1940. Period with Nigeria Regt in Nigeria, 1940-1942: initial posting to 7th Bn Nigeria Regt; posting to 10th Bn Nigeria Regt; qualities of askaris including skills, motivation and loyalty; tribal considerations; story relating to ju ju; attitude of askaris to service aboard; preparing askaris to meet Japanese troops. REEL 2 Continues: Voyage with 81st West African Div from Nigeria to India, 1942.Relations between African troops and Indian civilians. Period of Chindit training in India, 1943-1944: memories of Orde Wingate; question of African troops suitability to jungle warfare. Recollections of operations with 29 Column during Second Chindit Expedition in Burma, 1944: flying into White City, 4/1944; memories of Brigadier Michael Calvert; experiences of first night at White City landing strip ; move into White City perimeter block; Japanese attack on White City including use of large mortar; plan for unit to form part of striking force to operate outside White City perimeter. REEL 3 Continues: attack on Japanese positions surrounding White City; effect on African NCO at sight of Japanese dead; abortive first ambush on Japanese truck; second ambush on Japanese vehicle convoy; African and Japanese casualties during ambush; degree to which column was engaged in action; trek to Lake Indawgyi; opinion of performance of his African troops in Burma; degree of medical problems amongst African troops; opinion of African troop's bushcraft; changing attitude of African troops towards Japanese troops; personal attitude towards Japanese. REEL 4 Continues: Question of worthwhileness of Burma campaign. Physical and mental condition he was in after Chindit expedition.


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