Ivor Godwin-Monck: Casualty 6/12/40

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    As a final note

    Ivors family believed he died whilst serving in the RAF.Hence the family headstone.

    Ivor was in the RAF at a training camp in Blackpool when he contracted TB,He was sent to Barrowmore Sanatorium on 28th September 1940.He was discharged from the RAF as medically unfit due to TB whilst at Barrowmore prior to his injuries .There was an air raid on 29th November 1940 at Barrowmore Sanatorium in which Ivor was injured.He was transferred on 29/11/40 to Chester Royal Infirmary where he died of his injuries on 6th December 1940.The Chester archives detail was the final part of the Commemoration process which confirmed he died of his injuries.
    He will now be Commemorated as a Civilian casualty of WW2.

    Thank you to everyone who assisted it is greatly appreciated.

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron


    Died 06/12/1940

    Aged 21

    Civilian War Dead

    Son of Herbert Henry and Winifred Florence Godwin-Monck, of 18 Grove Avenue, Muswell Hill, Middlesex. Injured 29 November 1940, at Barrowmore Hall, Great Barrow; died at Royal Infirmary.
    Reporting authority CHESTER, COUNTY BOROUGH

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