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Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Derek Barton, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    The Royal Artillery 1939-45 web site, also known as ra39-45 is back on line. Bigger (and I hope better) with some new sections and hopefully most of the errors eliminated. A lot of the unit pages now contain more information than previously. All comments are welcome as well as any errors or omissions.
    Go to Home - The Royal Artillery 1939-45
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  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Well done Derek.
    We can stop linking to your old one on waybackmachine now.
  3. idler

    idler GeneralList

    Perhaps it's gunner be a happy new year after all...
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  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Well done Derek and thank you
  5. Ian W

    Ian W Member

    Hi Derek - looks great and am looking forward to looking through it as part of my own search into my grandfathers campaign up to Dunkirk. But looks like a few of the links aren’t working eg under BEF MayJune/1 corps/
  6. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Excellent news.
  7. minden1759

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  8. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    Sorry about that Ian. The programme decided to add an extra segment to the address. It seems OK but if you find any more problems let me know.
  9. Ian W

    Ian W Member

    Hi Derek - pls don’t apologise - I think your site is great!!! Thanks for posting - really helps to bring to life what My grandfather Fred and so many others went through
  10. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    The scope of what you are trying to accomplish with the site is massive! My hat is off to you.

    I may be able to contribute a few bits & bobs about anti-tank regiments.
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  11. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    Thanks for the comments everyone. There is about 18 years of research gone in to this so far & there is still so much I don't know yet.
    Chris C thanks for the offer, all information is welcome.
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  12. RRTB

    RRTB 145 Fd Regt (Berkshire Yeomanry) RA

    This is wonderful stuff. Thank you Derek.
  13. nicks

    nicks Very Senior Member

    Looks good, well done, Derek.
  14. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    Great site! Very useful.
  15. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    In Germany we would like to say: "Hochachtung!" (read: my highest consideration)
  16. DavidW

    DavidW Well-Known Member

    Great news!
  17. Wobbler

    Wobbler Patron Patron

  18. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    Itdan - Danke, everyone else thank you for the kind remarks. I would like, if I may, to ask for some feedback from you. I have introduced a new feature on the site that I thought would be of interest but so far no one has mentioned it. Is it of use or is it that no one has found it yet.?
    I refer to the Battery Finder. It lists all the batteries I have been able to find so far, sorted numerically by both battery & regiment. I have tried to give the origin, service & disposal of each battery. The Battery Finder link is on the Home Page immediately below the opening blurb.
    Can you please spare a couple of minutes to take a look and let me know what you think. Do I need to make it more prominent? I'm thinking of perhaps moving it to the main menu bar at the top of the pages.
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  19. AB64

    AB64 Senior Member

    I noticed the Battery finder the other day and thought it was a great addition, its always been quite an awkward task trying to work out the Regiment from a battery, googling tends not to work well and just going through all the field regiments for example hoping to stumble across is very time consuming. My only suggestion would be hyperlinks so that when you find the battery you are looking for you can click on it and open the Regiment (but that's me being greedy). Keep up the good work your site is one I use regularly
  20. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    AB64, thanks for your feedback. You're right about the hyperlinks, I should have done that from the start. I have started adding links to the off line copy and will update the on line version when it is done. Over 4,000 records so it might take a while :).
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