Italy 1944: code names SEED, ACRE, SILICA?

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    The Operation Dark of the Moon FB group is dedicated to 148 (SD) Squadron RAF which flew out of Brindisi air-supplying partisans, military missions, dropping agents, etc. in Southern and Central Europe.

    This query originates from a member of the FB group researching Captain Julian Henry Hall, Intelligence Corps (and SOE). On the night of 11/12 September 1944, Halifax BB412 (O'Brien crew) was lost with a number of 'Joes' including Cpt Hall; there were no survivors. The a/c crashed on Monte Cavallaria at the mouth of the Aosta valley in NW Italy.

    Can anyone shed any light on the intended recipients/DZs that night? They were:

    Operation SILICA N
    Operation SEED
    Operation ACRE

    Typically, these code names referred to e.g. military missions, DZs, partisan groups, etc.

    Cheers, Pat
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