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    An Italian PoW who died in 1944 was buried in my local chuchyard, his body was exhumed in 1958. I am assuming he was re-buried in the Italian Cemetery at Brookwood. From google I have established that there are 300 plus Italians buried at Brookwood but was unable to find a list of them. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of burial records for the Italian part of the cemetery. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Andy

    Many thanks for your reply!
    I had tried using Findagrave but had no luck, I hadn't used hutsix before but unfortunately it didn't come up on that either.
    While looking through the forum y'day someone on the PoW thread suggested using an Italian Govt search site which I did and his name appeared but the only details that appeared were that he was buried in Great Britain nothing more.
    If Brookwood wasn't so far from home I would go up and down the rows and check the names.
    Thankyou for your suggestions!
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    Hello Chris could you post his name ,perhaps it might assist forum members to assist further.

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    I've sent an e-mail to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, to see if they have a list, or to advise where one can be obtained for those Italians buried at Brookwood Military Cemetery. I'll post their answer as soon as they reply.
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    Wow thanks all so much for the information!!

    His name is Francesco Astolfi.

    Thanks to Mathsmal I have found his name on that list although it is spelt Astolfo rather than Astolfi but the date of death is the same so I am sure that it is the same guy. He committed suicide in September 1944 after jumping off a bridge into the River Conwy and was buried near Llandudno before his body was exhumed and moved to Brookwood in 1958.

    ASTOLFO, Soldier, FRANCESCO, T.82505, Italian Army. 7 September 1944. Grave Ref. Plot 16 Row P Grave 8.

    Can we assume that T.82505 is a PoW number or is it his Italian Army service number of were they the same?

    Many thanks once again.
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    Hi Chris911, forse ho una foto della tomba che cerchi, ti interessa sempre?
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    Hi Faby
    Sorry my Italian is non-existent but if you are asking for a photo of the grave then I have attached one for you.

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    I have just looked him up on the site and it says 'Service Number T.82505'


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