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    I've been through the extracts from European Q forms files and cannot find a trace, but will send you and Diane with unrelated photos you both may find of interest.
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    My Father late John Grasby 4798694 The 4th Bn East Yorks /Green Howards/Prince of Wales Yorkshire Reg was one of the witnesses in a War crime it happened in Forno Cse (Canavese) a small town in the foothills of the Alps. During WW2

    He gave evidence to the Judge Advocate General's Office in London in January 1946. He states that he was sent from PG 53 Macerata POW camp to a work camp in the north - PG 112 Turin and managed to escaped and joined with an Italian Partisan Group

    My late Father made Friends with a few of the Partisan and I have a letter written in Italian which language my Father spoke fluently he also sent Photos of his family in Italy and on the letter was his full address

    I passed the letter and Photos onto Vitellino from the WW2 Talk site who with those extra details Translated the letter and managed to uncover new Information about my Father WW2 escapades, Vitellino conferred the POW escape and Joining an Italian Partisan group which he stayed with for 2 years or so

    My Father only spoke Vagally about his War time Experiences so all this Information Gathered by Vitellino is new to me Vitellino is also looking into the Ex-Partisan who wrote the letter to find possible Family connections who posable still live in the Area and can shed more light on my Fathers time with the Partisan hopefully fingers crossed that is possible I would like to thank Vitellino for all the hard work in discovering these pressurise facts about my Father who sadly died in1975

    Attach is the 1946 war crime testimony of my Late Father John Grasby

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    Here are 2 more War Crime Document /witness statements from my Father that he gave to the Judge Advocate General's Office in London in January 1946 they tell of Appalling War crimes the people who committed these crimes are evil and inhuman to say the least my father never spoke of these crimes to me or my family understandable and most likely he wanted to forget about these horrendous War time events, but alas I bet he never did.
    Again I would like to thank Vitellino from the WW2 Talk for sending me these 2 War Crime Documents

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