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    Whilst looking at Action Man stuff on a site called Modellers loft I came across this: Itailian Paratrooper model

    Personally I've never heard of them so off to Google I went and found this site Italian Paratrooperswith a rather nice backing track :D

    Anyone know about these or more importantly any pictures? Google only showed very little in the way of images.

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    Sgt Rogers of 2 Wilts was attacking a NEMBO para position when he was killed winning his VC in the anzio breakout, June '44.
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    ...and even more rare: They had a Battalion of Libyan native paras. Afak founded in 1938 they saw combat - but were only employed the as "normal" infantry and did not jump.
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    By Paul Marzetti

    Article taken from the magazine in summary Belgian AMILITARIA March 1988

    During the Second World War, the Italian Armed Forces included a number of elite units, including paratroopers, they are unfortunately used against common sense as regular infantry units in many areas.

    Therefore, para Italians have advanced training and have equipment and uniforms at least comparable to that of their counterparts in Germany and Britain. Do not you find anything better than to send the Folgore Division in North Africa without a parachute, while Division Nembo will essentially fight, weapons at the foot against malaria, the two elite divisions could be used for an attack against airborne ' island of Malta.

    Currency winter full mod. 41 of a Major-Doctor of Folgore, hat and coat with the Italian military parachute was born in 1938, a series of tests that will lead to the establishment of two units located both in Libya: the "1st Regiment Fanti Air" and the National Parachute Battalion "made up of Libyans (1). These are the only airborne unit in Italy in the opening of hostilities in 1940, in the meantime, the "Parachute School, created under the auspices of the Royal Air Force and passed under the control of the Royal Army, form a series of battalions, as grouped into regiments.

    The first act of war occurs paratroopers during the occupation of the Ionian Islands (Cephalonia, Zakynthos, Ithaca) in April 1941; jump operating the 2nd Battalion is taking place without any loss because of weak resistance of the Greeks and the British.

    In early 1942, the Division Paratroopers, organized by regiments made up of battalions already present, it is officially renamed Folgore; operation on Malta has been postponed, the Folgore Division is sent to North Africa with the names of 185 Division Cacciatori ª d 'Africa, this leads to a new numbering regiments of paratroopers, which will become 185 °, 186 ° 187 ° Paratrooper Infantry Regiment and the artillery regiment will take the number 185. Upon leaving for Africa, the 185 th Division has only two regiments, will leave in place the 185 ° Regiment which will become the core of the new 184 ª Nembo Division, consisting of the 183 °, 184 ° and 185 ° Paratrooper Infantry Regiment and the 184 ° Regiment of Artillery. A third major unit of paratroopers, the 183 th Division Cyclone, will never be fully established.

    In North Africa, the Folgore is used solely as a classic infantry, not enter into details of the many actions in which participated with heroic men of the division (2), which will soon be destroyed in the battle of El-Alamein (October-November 1942), Only a few hundred men, nearly all injured, will surrender to the British all the others will be killed with the exception of someone who was able to join the retreat to Tunisia dell'Afrika Korps whole. At first the Nembo is located in Sardinia, while hypothetical, of Malta.

    Besides the regular divisions, the Army formed during the conflict, a special unit called X Arditi Regiment, comprising three battalions paratroopers as well as a special battalion of the Royal Carabinieri.

    For its part, the Navy created the swimmers Battalion Parachute Regiment in aid to San Marco, one of the most famous units of the elite Italian navy, as it had to aeronautics Distruttori Arditi of the Royal Air Force or ADRA, which are the ' equivalent of today's para-commandos. By the autumn of 1942 and 1943, the A. D.R.A. And the X Arditi Regiment will participate in numerous activities of sabotage involving the launch with no return, against airports and fuel depots in Tunisia, Algeria and Sicily occupied by the Allies (2).

    This is the brief history of Italian paratroopers before the armistice of 8 September 1943, after this date there will be for the time of their choice, which will be outlined in another article.
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    this are paratruppers in second war

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    Cheers for those photos Sicily, never seen anything like those before.
  8. Gerard

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    Yes indeed great photos. Be interested to see what happened to the paratroop formations follwing the ceasefire.
  9. Owen

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    Yes indeed great photos. Be interested to see what happened to the paratroop formations follwing the ceasefire.

    As I said Ger, they were still fighting in June 1944 at least.
  10. Gerard

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    As I said Ger, they were still fighting in June 1944 at least.
    :D So I see. They appear to have been amalgamated with Folgore after the war.
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  12. Drew5233

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    Many thanks for the Pictures Sciliy.

    I wondered what the pack was on the model soldiers back. Looking at your pictures it appears to be a magazine pouch of sorts. It looks like you would get them with your left hand as per a magazine change if you was right handed. A rather interesting concept back in those days. Which kind of makes sense if you are on your belt buckle.

    Thanks again
  13. von Poop

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    magazine pouch of sorts.
    He appears to be carrying an MAB 38A smg, which does indeed have a rather long magazine available that would be spot on for that pouch.

    Almost unusual seeing Italian camouflage patterns actually being worn by Italians, rather than SS.
  14. Drew5233

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    On looking further they have the ammo pouches on the front too. I guess you could call this one of the first Assault Vests. I know some Americans had them on D-Day but its the first time I've seen a Axis side with them.

    They really are good pictures !

  15. Warlord

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    Italian paras used to jump wearing rather bulky knee, elbow and hip pads, and even had a sort of "sausage" in the forefront of their helmets designed to protect the face on landing, taking into consideration that they used german style parachutes, which made them fall using the "angel" technique.

    Regarding weaponry, those troops using rifles jumped with the barrels pointing downwards, strapped to their ankles in special holsters, while the ones equipped with Beretta SMG´s wore vests with several magazine pouches in front and back; after running out of ammo in front, they just turned them around and kept on blazing.
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    Check out the Beretta SMG's and Handguns...

  17. sicily43

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    yes is a tactical vest for MAB ammo pouches. I find a picture with the first exemple of experimental tactical vest for italian paratroopers in Africa 1942. so axis forces just tried in first ages the tactical vest.

    in the pictures all italians have italian elmet but have the german jump jacket but with italian camouflage, but at least 2 soldiers with two kind of German camuflage

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    Does anyone know of defecting italian paratroopers during the african campaign?

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