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    Hi I'm new to the Forum. I found it because of a surge of traffic on one of my blogs which tracked back to another thread on here, and then I was delighted to find the DLI theme.

    I currently have an interest in British Army mechanisation in the 1920s and 1930s. I have recently come across references to the 1st Battalion's role as an experimental machine gun battalion from 1934-6 (and seem to have got into disciussion in comments on my blog with someone who doesn't seem to accept they were).

    I recently found a couple of works albums from Vickers Armstrong Ltd held by the Beamish Museum. They supplied me with digital images and with their permission I have published them on a new blog, Interwar Tank Development (although it covers other tracked, half tracked, wheeled and wheel-cum-track vehicles). The blog can be found here.

    I have also been posting bits of interwar information on my Vintage Wargaming blog here.

    I came across a short series of articles on interwar subjects in Airfix Magazine from the second half of 1979. The infantry one had a photograph of DLI on exercise with Vickers Utility Tractors and commenting on their role as an MG battalion. When I posted this article a reader posted a comment syaing they never were an MG battalion - I then referred to the DLI 1920-46 web site Home Duties page.

    I am interested in any sources on the battalion in this role and this two year period, if anyone is able to help me with this.

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